Ungrouped hosts : Hosts NOT in groups


[Icinga2 2.11.4, Director 1.10.2]

I’m trying to automate the creation of host groups, and to avoid to forget some hosts that would be in zero groups, I created a dust collector I called ungrouped_hosts.
I manually added created assign statements like :

host.groups != group01
host.groups != group02

in the hope that every host that would not be in any of these groups would pop in this final group.

This was NOT working (lots of grouped hosts (thus undue) were appearing there, BUT, at the moment I changed one single statement in the definition of this dust collector, its content got correct.

I’m understanding this as a proof I need someone to tell me in which order these groups are evaluated, and also to confirm that this evaluation is NOT dynamic.
Is there a way to debug this to see how these hostgroups are built?

Thank you


I believe it’s lexical. I used groups in the past for role management and resorted to naming them zzz_auth_role and put them at the end of my groups.conf.
This way I made sure that the application and administrative groups were created before i used them to apply the groups that I used in the roles.
So I would rename your ungrouped_hosts to zzz_ungrouped_hosts define it at the end after the other groups just to make sure.

host.groups is an array, so you would need to use the contains operator in the Director (which is <something> in host.groups in the DSL)

That would look like this, if I’m not mistaken (De Morgan’s Law always gets me confused :sweat_smile: )

    host.groups contains group1
    host.groups contains group2

The evaluation is done when checking/creating the configuration after hitting “Deploy” or doing icinga2 daemon -C or reloading the icinga2 service.

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This one always gets me and after a while of head scratching a face palm follows :wink:

Is the order in the config still a thing?

In regards to the configuration validation?
Actually I don’t know. But as we mix&match Director and config files I guess there is some “mechanism” that does something in regard to the object loading order.

Thank you to @rivad and @log1c for your answers.
I renamed the groups and yes, I can see it all working as it should.

I also stopped worrying about this after I switched to the Director but I also stopped applying groups because of groups.

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