Unable to locate package icingadb - Ubuntu

The installation instructions for icingadb result in an error for Ubuntu:

Unable to locate package icingadb

This is with Ubutnu 18.04.4 LTS 32-bit fresh install. The icinga-testing repository is added and authenticated.

Did you apt-get update?

Yes I updated. There are are updates available from testing for other modules but icingadb is not an available package.

I just checked and icingadb is available in the amd64 package list but not in the i386 package list.


I don’t know if IcingaDB is officially supported on 32 bit, can you please file an issue in the issue tracker to let the Developers know.

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Issue 176 raised for this. It also affects Raspbian. It impacts me because I need to set up an impromptu test environment using what is available within my premises and I currently only have access to 32-bit platforms. I appreciate a need to limit the quantity of supported platforms and would normally accept such a limitation but at this time (March 2020) during testing times we need to mend and make do!


we indeed currently don’t provide 32 bit and Raspbian packages for Icinga DB. But that will most likely change when we finally release Icinga DB. If you still want to test Icinga DB, you could just build it yourself:

git clone https://github.com/Icinga/icingadb.git
cd icingadb

# Install Icinga DB - Make sure you have Golang >= 1.11 installed (sadly not available in many official distro repos)
go install . 

# Run it in foreground for testing purposes (you could also use Screen here)
~/go/bin/icingadb -config icingadb.ini



Thanks @nhilverling. I may give that a bash when I find time but for now I have got to get a test environment working for some urgent work. I have obtained a 64-bit platform so am trying to get icinga working on that within VMs (but struggling). When things calm down I may return and build on 32-bit platforms and report back.


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