Unable to detect your Icinga 2 Core version (DeployFormsBug7530.php:72)


I’ve made a completely fresh installation of Icinga 2 with api, web and now also Director. I’m running into issues with the director though, I’m unable to deploy changes and only get this:
Unable to detect your Icinga 2 Core version (DeployFormsBug7530.php:72)

I’ve restarted all the services, I’ve checked that I have the latest version of icinga 2, web and director and they’re all the latest as I just installed them. I’m very new to icinga and can’t figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

The icinga-users are there and have access, and I have been looking through a whole bunch of posts with this same issue and tried their solutions but to no avail.

Would appreciate it greatly if someone could point me in the right direction! If I need to repeat something please let me know, I think I might’ve gone loopy a bit trying to solve this and can easily have missed something as it has been days now… :smiley:


Hi Julia,

just to make sure about the versions that are installed:
Did you installed the packages from the icinga repo packages.icinga.com or from the distributions repository (Debian/Ubuntu/RHEL/Centos whatever)?

Have you already checked the log of icinga2 for errors?

  • /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log

Also please check if the hostname resolution works correctly, because afaik the Director API will try resolving the endpoints hostname when sending to configuration via API to the master.

There are also some similar topics solved already, take a look there if anything helps :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

I got them from packages.icinga.com through wget, so version is 2.13.2-1.focal
I made sure to upgrade web also a few days ago as I noticed it was on a older version, so it’s also on the latest one now.

Yeah I checked, I enabled debug as well in case, but the only error I get from icinga2.log is that I have no email account configured and to do that if I want to use it :frowning: I know that is because of my disk though so it’s just Icinga trying to email me about it, but I haven’t configured email yet.

I’ve looked through as many of those as I could find, but thank you for the link anyways! At first I thought it was because of a version difference, since a lot of users seemed to have had that, but that wasn’t the case.

Could there maybe be a setting I’m missing somewhere? I haven’t set up any monitoring yet, wanted to get everything setup before I tried to avoid any unnecessary issues, or did you mean my main host? Sorry, I’m really really new to this!


You could try adding a new line to the /etc/hosts file and see if that helps
IP hostname FQDN

# cat /etc/hosts   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 my-host-name my-host-name.with.domain