Unable to connect ELK to Icingaweb2

Hello There,

I am trying to integrate the ELK stack into Icinga2. I have Icingaweb configured and I have enable the elasticsearch module. Later on I have added an instance using icingaweb and created and eventype.

When I am trying to execute the following command to check instance details, getting an error message UNKNOWN- instance not found.

icingacli elasticsearch --instance

Can anybody provide me suggestion on how to connect to ELK instance?


Hi and welcome,

it’s long time ago when I tried this module. Maybe I remember some points which could help. But for this there would be interesting how you configured it:

Hello @stevie-sy,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using Ubuntu 20.4.

I have used the same github repo which you have give to configure elasticsearch module with Icinga.

I don’t see any errors related to elasticsearch in icinga logs.

Authentication I am using elastic user and password to authenticate on ELK.

When I try to the following command I can see the below error.

# icingacli elasticsearch check --instance default
UNKNOWN - Instance not found

Kindly suggest.

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Did you check the ELK log as well? If you can connect, I’m sure that there will be an entry for login failsure or something else.

You can also try a request with curl with verbose mode to see if your server can connect to ELK

Thank you Stevie for your support and information.

Hi @twidhalm,

I need your suggestion/assistance here to send the logstash logs to Icinga for monitoring purpose.

Let me explain you my environment and scenario.

I have ELK stack running on one server and have Filebaat is running other 3 servers. I am able to gather the logs on Kibana Dashboard using filebeat. Everything working fine so far.

Now I have send the logstash logs which I am getting through the filebeat. I have to configure the Iciniga2 on my ELK Stack.

I have installed and configure the Icinga2 and icingaweb on server where ELK stack is running.

Now I following the following link to use elasticsearch module to send the logstash data to Icinga.

icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch/doc at master · Icinga/icingaweb2-module-elasticsearch (github.com)

What I did is I have enable the elasticsearch module on server and then from Icingaweb GUI I have configure the elasticsearch where I have created and instance and eventtype.

I have given the hostip:9200 as URI while creating and instance and elastic user and password which I use to loging to kibana dashboard. In Eventtype I have given index details and IP address of host where ELK stack running and field I have used @timestamp just for testing purpose.

When I checked in icinga I am unable to find anything related to Elasticsearch.
I can see the elasticsearch module is enable and when I try to run the following command I am getting an error instance not found

icingacli elasticsearch --instance elasticsearch check. 

Can you please assist me here ? what is missing here or do I need to make any other configuration to work icinga and ELK integration.

Thank you so much in advance!


Thanks @stevie-sy for stepping in. That’s what I would have asked so far, too. :slight_smile:

Hm… @sabil05 could you post the contents of /etc/icingaweb2/modules/elasticsearch/instances.ini? Please make very sure to remove any password and maybe even the hostname of your Elasticsearch instance?

Your command didn’t work for me, too because I named my instance Elasticsearch (it’s case sensitive…)

Hi @twidhalm

Thank you for your reply.

Here is my instace.ini and current configuration.

uri = "http://IPaddresofelkstack:9200"
user = "elastic"
password = "**********"
ca = ""
client_certificate = ""
client_private_key = ""

I will remove the user id and password. My instance name is “elasticsearch” with small letter e.

uri = "http://IPaddresofelkstack:9200"
user = ""
password = ""
ca = ""
client_certificate = ""
client_private_key = ""

Please have a look and let me know any changes are required.


Here is a eventtype.ini

instance = "elasticsearch"
index = "filebeat-*"
filter = "*"
fields = "@timestamp"

URI field is mandatory which creating an instance in icinga and I have updated my elasticsearch IP address with 9200 port. Elasticsearch is running as a container only host machine.

I tried removing the credentials from Instance.ini and was getting authorization error.

Now I have again update the credentials and now I am getting following error.

icingacli elasticsearch check --instance Elasticsearch --crit 5 --warn 3 --index filebeat-* --filter "beat.hostname=hostname AND severity=critical" --from -1h
UNKNOWN - count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Now not getting instance not found error.

Note I have renamed instance from elasticsearch to Elasticsearch.

Hello @twidhalm,

I am able to fixed the count () related issue while executing incingacli command now I am able to executed it successfully.

Now when I run that command I get an output OK - 0 hits.

I have mentioned all the event details such as, instance name, index, filter and fields.

Can you please suggest how to pull the data from ELK to Icingaweb2 now?