Unable to choose User Preference Storage Type during setup of Icinga web 2


I’m new to icinga and trying to set it up on a ubuntu server, at the moment I’m working on setting up the web part but when I get to the Application Configuriation part I don’t have an option at all to choose the user preference storage type. I’d like for it to be database, and I’ve setup a db with mariadb and done all the settings in the previous stages of the setup without errors. Icinga 2 is done and api is done.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve tried searching for an answer but apparently I’m the only out there having this issue, or, I really really really suck at searching for an answer.


Easy. This is probably a v2.9.x installation, and since then the database is the only available storage type for new installations (INI is deprecated). You’ve probably seen the available option in a guide or so, it’s gone for good. :slight_smile:

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Johannes you are my hero, thank you :slight_smile: this has been driving me nuts and after going through 4 guides with basically the same instructions, I figured it was me somehow. Good to know it was actually me, not reading the newest documents on it but following old guides!