Two same arguments in command

Dear all
Please can you help me with problem.
I need create new check command. I need to use two times argument named --negate
I tried variat bellow but i have argument only once.

can you help me?

–negate critical=ok --negate ok=critical

object CheckCommand “check_nwc_health_negate” {
import “plugin-check-command”
command = [PluginDir + “/contrib/check_nwc_health”]

arguments = {
“-H” = “$host.address$”
“–community” = “$snmpcommunity$”
“–name” = “$name$”
“–mode” = “$cmd$”
“–warning” = “$warning$”
“–critical” = “$critical$”
“–negate” = { value = “critical=ok” } //set_if = “$negate_ok$”
“–negate” = { value = “ok=critical” } //set_if = “$negate_ok$”


I never done this, but you could use the “repeat key” and then use an array for the negate variables:

Or the “Command Arguments: Key” which is described directly below the repeat-key in the link.

Thank you for help,

for me is working:

“–key1” = { value = “critical=ok”
key = “–negate” }

“–key2” = { value = “ok=critical”
key = “–negate” }