Truncate "icinga_notification" table


This table is like 20GB including the index. The IDO 'cleanup" never had it so it just pileup. I think a manual limited size cleanup is required and not to overwhelm the day today operation.

Can someone advise how to do that in steps/phases? I would like to keep the last 60 days history and then add it in the IDO “cleanup” later.


How does your IdoMysqlConnection object look like?
Ido Example
Ido Documentation
did you set a notifications_age?

No there is no “notification_age” in the “cleanup”.

well than edit the ido config and set the notification_age retention policy to a timespan you consider reasonable. without that there is no cleanup

I think and afraid of If I do that, the DB going to get busy which I might impact the normal operation. That’s why I’m looking for an option to delete the history manually up to a certain point at least.

I totally agree to not activate this option now. Here you’ll find some more information about this and here the author has created a suitable tool. Do to lack of time I’ve not been testing it.


Thank you for sharing that information. Much appreciated!