Trouble changing/removing scheduled downtime created from apply rules


I use Director and creates a ScheduledDowntime apply rule. For example:

apply ScheduledDowntime "downer" to Service {
    author = "me"
    comment = "TEST"
    fixed = true
    assign where match("several-hosts-*", && == "service-name"
    ranges = {
        "wednesday"	= "21:01-00:00"

But when I remove it, it doesn’t disappear from the list of scheduled downtimes. And if I make changes to the ranges and such, even the comment, it’s not propagated either.

The service is also created through an apply rule, if that’s the issue.

I’m really after a more complex ranges setup, with hours until midnight and weekends. But I don’t think it’s an issue with the ranges. I just cant get rid of the old apply rule until I make a new one. How do I cancel them completely?

Icinga Core 2.12.0-1
Icingaweb2 2.8.2
Director 1.7.2

Two master node setup.

Hello @daniel_hamberg!

Please share a screenshot showing that list.


Here you can see that I’ve deleted the apply rules, and that they are deployed. But still active under Scheduled Downtimes under /icingaweb2/monitoring/list/downtimes

Strange. This should have been fixed:

Is the downtime’s checkable on a satellite/agent? If yes, which Icinga 2 version?

Not sure how to check if specifically downtimes are checkable, but checks are run on both nodes, yes. Both nodes are recently installed and have the exact same setup. I have a master/master setup with just two nodes, no satellites/agents apart from this.

And both are v2.12.0?

Exactly. I have even double checked the versions in icingaweb2 and using icinga2 -- version. Because I have upgraded the environment once since installation.