TrapDirector stable version released


I just release the first stable (hope so) release of TrapDirector : an Icingaweb2 module to handle snmp trap easily.

Have a look here :

Install and send me feedbacks : here, on gitter (, or open an issue if something isn’t working as it should.

Full documentation is available on gitub

Thanks for your feedbacks !



A new version of trapdirector is released (1.0.2)

This update solves some bugs (see changelog) and greatly imporves MIB management :

  • MIB database update are much faster and incremental
  • Description and enumeration values are provided for traps and objects.

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for providing the TrapDirector Module. It does seem interesting and I’m going to try it out.
We have hundreds on telco devices which send lots of traps every days and we currently have Zenoss to handle them. I wonder if this module and icingaweb2 can handle hundreds of devices and lots of traps coming from them?

We also have transforms and event mappings for the traps. Does this module support that ?



Without optimization, the system can handle 5-10 traps per second on a standard virtual server so I would say yes for trap handling of hundreds of telco devices.

About transforms & mapping I will need details about it before answering, but here is how it works for trapdirector :

You setup a list of trap handlers defined by host (or hostgroup) and trap OID.
Each handler has a rule which uses logic operators between trap data values to decide to trigger a ok/warn/crit to the service defined in handlers.
See this part of the doc : Rule eval
(Note : it’s not in the doc for now but you can use regexp on trap data OIDs, see : issue#16)

Complex transform can also be handled using hooks (not in the doc and no public released for now).


A new version of trapdirector is released (1.0.3) : See here.

Send feedbacks here or on Gitter


Added regexp selection of OID in traps.

It is now possible to create user-defined functions in rules.

Code quality :

Lots of code splitting to have a better code quality, added continuous integration tests.

Changelog :


  1. Performance data was transfered in display when using API (issue#22)


  1. Added negative numbers evaluation in rules.
  2. More precise error on MIB upload errors (issue#21)
  3. Added plugins support : function
  4. Added regexp for OID selection in rules and display in GUI

A new version of trapdirector is released (1.0.4) : See here for download & changelog.

Send feedbacks here or on Gitter.

Main changes are :

  • SELinux support (thanks to PR from robdevops).
  • Installer script updates

New version (1.0.6) is released : Info & download