Translation of config files from Icinga1 to Icinga2

Hi everyone,

I have a current Icinga 1.x server that is monitoring some 100+ client servers and I want to migrate to Icinga2 in a HA setup.

I’m finding it hard to identify clear steps and best practices to test but i’m decided to experiment and ask questions to the community where i’m sure i’ll get support so i’m up for the challenge! :slight_smile:

The server config management is all automated via Ansible, both to install monitoring to the client side as well as our Icinga server side.

So i thought the first step is to translate the j2 template that generates my icinga config and all the host definitions as this is one of the main differences between 1.x and 2.x

In the process of doing so, i thought it might be worth giving a try to this tool here:

So i created a new VM and installed Icinga2. And i am thinking to rsync over there all my etc/icinga files and end up having on the new VM both the icinga1 and icinga2 folders under /etc and then try run the migration script to see if that would generate new config with version 2.x. compatible syntax which i can then translate to my j2 templates ?

What are your thoughts on this? Is there any other way to achieve this, has anybody tried it, am i completely on the wrong path…?

Any comments, suggestions, guidance would be so much appreciated as there’s not a lot of info out there in migration.

Have a beautiful day everyone and thank you in advance for any time you dedicate to help me with my Icinga journey :slight_smile:


That’s an old mirror, we have intentionally deleted the original repository. It did not led into satisfying migration objects and best practices.

Can you share the 1.x templates for Ansible? I’m pretty sure that @aflatto and the other Ansible experts may shed some more light into this migration path.

One thing before doing this - try to build up the configuration by hand first, at least for one client/agent and some basic checks. Understanding the DSL, objects and why apply rules are really cool will help you later on :slight_smile: