Topic Templates for Categories


when creating a topic, it is sometimes hard to collect all the valuable details, and not necessarily everyone has read the FAQ.

While chiming into other communities like GitLab we discussed the possibility to use topic templates to make it easier to ask a question, similar to GitHub issue templates.

Here’s an example from GitLab:

Before installing them for the categories here, I’d like to ask you whether you like this idea :slight_smile:



I do!

In my opinion, they are helpful for yourself as the author because you have kind of a checklist to see if you miss any (important) details and at the same time increase the quality of the posts as it can reduce the number of details being asked in the replies.

And let’s not forget the new community members who probably appreciate this kind of guidance. :slight_smile:



i like the idea too! It gives a good overview and you can help better/faster because you don’t have to ask questions to get the needed details to help solving the problem.

As @winem already mentioned, for new users its a little guide to describe the problem with all needed/important details.


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If it does not have to, but is intended as support, it is certainly a good idea. :wink:

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A +1 from me also! It will certainly help those who ask and those that try to answer.

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