Timeperiod history table for IcingaDB

Would it be possible to add a timeperiod history table to IcingaDB to log when timeperiods go in to, and out of, effect? It could be very useful to take this into account for availability reporting. While it is possible to generate this information using the configuration data that is present, it is not trivial and with more advanced timeperiods ( using includes, excludes, or triggering on specific date or other advanced options beyond simple day of week keys), it is practically impossible. A table that simply captures these events from Icinga2 itself would be easier to work with.


even though the Icinga team is also active on the forum here - we can’t guarantee that we see all posts. Workflow wise, we would also like to keep all discussions related to the development of a product on its GitHub page.

If you have a feature request like this one, the best place to suggest it would be over on the corresponding GitHub Repo as an Issue. So if you could open one over there, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Ok, done. I actually started there and ended up linked here so I wasn’t sure where the best spot was for a feature request like this. Thanks for your consideration.