Threshold values

Hi All,
we are using Icinga2 is there any way to know the threshold value which icinga use to send alerts for attributes like load_cpu , disk space … etc? how icinga know when to send alert in such cases ? and where we can modify this values or we have default or dynamic values?

  1. Some Service Checks have default values, others need to have their
    thresholds defined. Icinga itself sets no thresholds.

  2. You can see what thresholds are set by using Icingaweb2, going to the
    Service Check you are interested in, and looking at the Performance Data. It
    should show you the latest value, the warning threshold, and the critical

If you see nothing there, then it is most likely that no thresholds have been
set, so you would need to define these for yourself before any alerts will be
sent out.


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the system is up and running but the issue is that the value for Freshness Threshold is mentioned as Auto-determined value , also i cant find check service in icinga web? is there any files should i check?

we are using icinga 1.12

That is over 6 years old.

I seriously don’t think you’re going to get much in the way of support for
Icinga 1 these days, sorry.

I certainly have no access to a machine running Icinga 1 any more, so I’m
unable to answer your questions.