Three Level distributed Monitoring - Graphite Integration

here i’m again. :slight_smile:
Now i struggle with graphite.
I think i did not understand it clearly where i have to install graphite-carbon,graphite-web and so on.
My setup again:

  • 2 masters in a HA zone
  • 2 HA satellites for each company location
  • 1 Icingaweb2 server
  • 1 MariaDB Server

My thoughts:

  • Icinga2 master are both running the Icinga2 feature graphite to generate and provide the perfdata
  • Icingaweb2 got graphite module activated and connect to the active master (master1)

Is this so correct?

Hey, @nhilverling , @stevie-sy maybe you can help me here too?
Best regards

@Darkentik sorry, we are using Grafana with InfluxDB