The vSphere module without Director?

Hi everyone,

We aren’t using the Director but would like to use the vSphere module… is there a way to do it?
I read this module is hooked into Director…

Thank you!

The new release from today does not require director anymore.

Today? wow! What are the odds :wink:

@anon66228339 One more thing…are the installation steps the same as before?

Should be as easy as all other modules. Tomorrow i can say more :slight_smile:

Hi ! As far as i could see in the requirements the don’t list the director any more so it should work as long as the other requirements are met.


  • Icinga Web 2 (>= 2.5)
  • PHP (>= 5.6, preferably 7.x)
  • php-soap
  • php-pcntl (might already be built into your PHP binary)
  • php-posix (on RHEL/CentOS this is php-process, or rh-php7x-php-process)
  • MySQL (>= 5.6) or MariaDB (>= 5.5.3)
  • The following Icinga modules must be installed and enabled:


David :grin:

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Thanks David. That’s what I needed.

Apparently they have just removed the prerequisite to have Director!

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