The new Icinga DB with postgresql

I just saw some information about the new “Icinga DB” which has been released as rc1 now. Sounds really interesting but I have one question about it, which I hope someone here can answer.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I understand there is still a DB in the backend and it looks like it’s MySQL that is being used. How about Postgresql, is it not supposed to work at all with “Icinga DB”?

I think i have read somewhere that mySQL ist first, and later on the want to add postgressql. But can’t remember the source. So the fake news potential is around 12% :wink:

Here is the exact point where MySQL and Postgres is mentioned:

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Oh… so according to that video it actually sounds like there will be support for both mysql and postgresql, which is really good. For us mysql is really no option, at least not without a lot of struggling, so if postgresql will work from start it will be really interesting to test :slight_smile:

That’s right. Support for PostgreSQL is planed, for the RC we went for MySQL only to get some feedback asap.


Hello there!
We just opened a new Icinga DB category where you can discuss your questions, problems and ideas about the RC1 :slight_smile:

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