The connection to the Icinga webserver was lost at TIME

Some of my users are getting “the connection to the Icinga webserver was lost at TIME”

I see no errors in the logs that would indicate an issue. I get it sometimes as well.

We are using basic auth, Icicngawb2 / IDO/ icinga2

I’m not sure what would help troubleshoot this.

The error is persistent and seems tied to a session? going incognito will stop it for the user for a while.


if you don’t see anything in the logs, you could debug this on the network layer. What does traceroute, ping (rta/pl etc.) say, while this happens? Are there packet losts? Is maybe a firewall in the middle which may could block or drop packets?

I’m not sure it’s network-related. I did a traceroute when it was happening to me and saw nothing out of the ordinary. There are no firewalls that would impact traffic flow. We are running nagios on this same vlan and I’m certain rules are applied correctly.

Changing browsers does seem to help which makes me think it’s most likely software.
Are these errors logged anywhere in icinga? I could look for surrounding events if so but I can’t seem to find anything.

it was just an idea, because you wrote in your first post:

if diffrent browsers have diffrent behavior, you could look into the debugging tools from them. I’m not a web developer so I haven’t much experience with them. But sometimes it helped to look into it and to see the loading time or if something is blocked or loaded with errors.

In the GUI you’ll find following menue entries
But I still don’t know if such errors are logged here. At least I wouldn’t have noticed this.

wondering if there was any resolution to this? I have a new build and getting this same error flash, then disappear on the screen. I do not have the Audit Log and the Application Log is empty in the UI

I had the same problem. In the httpd-Log I see:
(70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client …] AH01075: Error dispatching request to …

You can set a higher timeout in icingaweb2.conf by adding eg:
Timeout 600
ProxyTimeout 600