Table icinga_servicechecks about 500 GB

Good morning,

Icingaweb2 2.7.3
Icinga2 r2.11.3-1
MariaDB 10.1.44
Debiamn 4.9.0-12-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.210-1 (2020-01-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux

the db table icinga_servicechecks had about 500 GB and I read somewhere, this table should not be filled. I looked around and i do not find the point to disable it as we store our performance data in grafana.
Any help would be nice.

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You need to modify the categories section in your idomyqlconnection. All details can be found here.

This is what my config looks like:

object IdoMysqlConnection “ido-mysql” {
user = “icinga2”,
password = “xxx”,
host = “localhost”,
database = “xxx”

My definition looks the same but I have additionally

library “db_ido_mysql”

in it. Maybe you’ll give it a try.

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@rsx i hope you mean cleanup and not categories.
Cleanup helps only to see a defined timeframe of the tables in the cleanup items. You should run a cronjob regulary that optimze your tables, for details read the docs.

@anon66228339 I meant categories as Thomas described DbCatCheck as the culprit here.

@rsx I gave it a try and it wrks like expected, thank you.