System and Configuration missing from navigation pane

The instructions that I’ve found to add extra admin users to the icingaweb all say to log in and go to configuration/authentication/users/add new user.

I even found icinga2 - icingaweb2 create new user - YouTube which walks me through the process.

Sadly, my freshly deployed icingaweb (v1.9.1)

  • How do I add these options to my navigation pane? I could not find any instructions on this. (Search is not your friend here, these terms are usually used in a very different context)

  • Is it possible to create a new icingaweb admin user using command line/config files?

  • If not, could I just insert new users directly into the icingaweb_user && icingaweb_group_membership tables and have that work?

I assume your are using icingaweb 2.11

the configuration/accesscontrol menu is now accessible via the “gear”-symbol next to the username

Thanks for this. It was exactly where you said it would be.