Synchronise Powershell Scripts

Hey guys,

I have a simple question.

I made a basic installation of the icinga2 on a ubuntu 20.04.
I dont use the director (FYI).

I also made the master setup. Now I want to monitor a windows-server 2019 with my own powershell scripts.

My endpoint (e.g. agent1) has the master zone as parent and his own. The agent1 endpoint and master zone is configured on the master instance.

I installed the windows-gui agent on the windows-server.

For me it is possible to checks the commands like “ping4” from the master to the agent1 with no problems. I also can execute commands like “disk” remotely on the agent1 and get the result on my master icingaweb2.

But now my question:

How can I setup or synchronise all my powershell scripts / commands / services to my agent1 from my master instance? I know, I have the option to copy and paste my created config-files with remote-desktop into the ICINGA2 path on my windows-machine. But whats about, when I’m starting with monitoring and I have like 200 server left? Is there a solution to deploy this things like config-files really fast / easy to my client/agents? :slight_smile:



there are diffrent possibilities. It’s depending which management or deployment tools you are still using. It’s also depending which protocols are allowed in your company (security guidlines, security group, etc.)

  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Powerhsell (for Linux)
  • SSH
  • FTP
  • Ansible/Puppet/Salt/…
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