Sync Job with LDAP - import host WITH IP Address

Hi all

I have a working sync Job setup for LDAP computers. All modifiers are working, and we’ll everythjng is working except…there is not way to sync IP Address information from LDAP

So when the host gets imported, all vars are set correctly, but there is no value in HOST ADDRESS and all of the tests subsequently fail because it can’t reach the host…

Is there any way to do a sync along with a dynamic lookup in DNS for the IP address as well, or am I missing something else?


This one is still an issue

Any idea how to populate the address field when doing a ldap sync to import computers?

In the Import rule you have a modifier for looking up ip addresses from the dns hostname:

This new variable then can be used in the sync rule properties:

I am such a bonehead. If i only looked at all the options available in that drop down :slight_smile: