Switch from GIT installation to Director package

Today I updated our Director version to v1.7.0 directly from GIT. Later I recognized that the Director is now available as package, which is awesome.
So I installed the package via yum (I got only 1.6.2.) over the current installation and enabled the new background-daemon.
Are there any other changes I need to keep in attention here?

Hi @phil-or,

we wanted to have packages for 1.7, but as of non-technical issues we had to postpone this step. Please let me know where you learned about those packages and how you got them, as they shouldn’t be there at all. Also, what seems strange to me: there is no “new background daemon” in 1.6.2, please double-check that you didn’t install a mix of package and GIT files.


okay, so it could take even longer with packages for v1.7.0?
I’ve read about the packages for the director in the docs for the background-daemon on GitHub.

So first I updated the Director via git pull to v1.7.0 and then I installed the package icingaweb2-module-director-1.6.2 and enabled the icinga-director daemon.
How can I check if there is a mix of package and GIT files?

What is the correct way to change from GIT files to a Installation from packages?

Unfortunately, yes. Build system is ready, we already did most of the work. Packages will be renamed, that’s the main reason for the delay.

icingaweb2-module-director is not the name that this package should have, and 1.6.x was never meant to be packaged. Could you please let me know on which operating system and using which mirror URL you got these packages? They shouldn’t be there at all, sorry for the confusion.

Depends on how you installed the GIT repo. In case you used git clone, running git status should help. In case you downloaded an archive, it’s tricky. However, if your system somewhere says “1.6.x” and you have the Background Daemon running, then you definitively mixed up both versions.

To clean this up, please:

  • remove the package icingaweb2-module-director
  • rm -rf /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director
  • install the version from GitHub once again
  • restart the daemon

That’s a pretty good question :smiley: Guess we should a ship related guide once we officially offer packages.

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Ok, this made me really really curious. @phil-or, do you run icinga2 on Gentoo? The only package I could find that matches your shared information is the gentoo ebuild file.

@tgelf, let me know if you need any help to test the packaging / packages. I currently spend most of my spare time with Icinga2 on different OS and distributions to help some friends and prepare some docs for the community in parallel. So I am happy to help in this regards, too. :slight_smile:

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We use CentOS7 and get our packages from this URL: http://packages.icinga.com/epel/7/release/x86_64
But at the moment there isn’t any package named icingaweb2-module-director at this URL, so I asked my colleague and he told me, that on our internal repo-server is an old icingaweb2-module-director package from 09.09.2019.
Maybe the package was a short time available and our repo-server didn’t clean the cache…

However, thanks for this hints, I have already removed the package and downloaded Director again from GitHub.
I think it’s better to lean back and wait for the packages to be officially announced. :smiley:
By the way, great job @tgelf :clap:

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ive upgraded my icinga2 and the director now to the newest version…

and for the director i’ve used the tarball from the repo.
whis is posted on:


so for me it works fine with the tarball.

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