Support: Taking care together


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We all love to help each other, and provide the best answer there is. This is why we’ve built this platform to make it even more easy.

Sometimes this isn’t enough though.

Enterprise Support

Some problems are hard to debug, and sometimes an answer isn’t found in here … but your monitoring crashes and you are blind. For this reason, we recommend getting a support subscription where professionals take care about helping resolve the problems with and/or for you.

Check here for more insights.

Special feature requests or speeding up bugfixes?

Icinga isn’t just a check engine anymore, it combines many different things under the hood, and adds integrations with other tools. Sometimes there’s more glue needed, a to be created module is needed, or an extension to our core framework.

For bigger changes and features we also appreciate sponsoring, lately we’ve collected funds for development of the reporting and backend features. In the future, there’s more needed for notification managers, and mobile application efforts.

Sometimes you’ll also have that one bug which really holds of everything. Developers tell you that they have different priorities at the moment, which you can influence by requesting a quote for development time implementing a fix.

Get in touch with us and we’ll try to find the best solution for you.

We also appreciate personal motivation - you can make developers happy by sending some sweets & gin/beer over to our HQ.

Learn more about Icinga

We encourage you to take notes on whatever steps are needed to troubleshoot and configure Icinga. If you’re unsure about specific topics and you have a hard time asking in here, we recommend to visit the official trainings and discuss and learn with hands-on sessions.

Icinga camps, meetups and the OSMC also have proven as a valuable source for users to exchange their experiences and learn from each other. Typically developers and product managers also attend these events and can discuss things in person with you.

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