Strange problem after upgrading to Icinga Web 2.8


After upgrading Icingaweb2 from 2.7 to 2.8 I have run into a weird problem.

I upgraded php to 7.3 as specified in

And after some issues (had missed the php module for Director for example) I got Icingaweb2 to work and could log in.

But now I have a weird problem. If i go to the history tab and check Event Grid / Event Overview I can’t see any history. If I go to a separate host/service I can see the history there.

If i check the notification history I can see it without any issue.

If I check the History Timeline I can see the “Hotspots” but if I click them there is no info.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem.

Best regards / Jens


what exactly is displayed in the event overview? Can you share a screenshot?

I suspect a visual problem here, because there we changed something. If it would be a database issue, you wouldn’t see any history.


Sorry but not able to share a screenshot. I am able to see history in the event overview if I alter the filter. It is only showing future events otherwise. It might be ok.

But the Event Grid is still not showing anything exept the “cirkles”. I believe it might be an issue with the timezone or the php.ini file and are looking for a solution there.


Managed to get some snapshots.

I found that the issue seems to be the filtering Timestamp <= (time now) cause when I remove it from the filter I can see what I should have been able to see before.


It’s a bug. Sorry that I didn’t identified it as such immediately. (As I could have, by just using the timeline or eventgrid to look at the history…)

I’ve opened an issue on Github and fixed it already:

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A broken function that will be fixed in 2.9 without any release date? :face_with_monocle:

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Great. Then I didn’t mess something up :slight_smile: