Strange behaviour

Hi community,
I am using director and I have created some simple SNMP monitoring services and attached it in a serviceset that applies to machines that has a host address attribute.

the strange thing is, some check_commands are throwing the error: “execvpe(/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/ failed: No such file or directory”

below you see how a host looks like in my monitoring view

I know that has been published before and I searched many threads, I have never found similar scenario where some services (not all of them) are working and the rest is not!!
I can assure that the files are all located in the plugins folder

when I click on inspect everything looks to be fine

Well, I dont think its backend misconfiguration issue because the issue is affecting some services and NOT all of them! however the backend is added to the Hosts and looks like this

I would appreciate any advice
thanks in advance


should the check plugin run on the master and fetch the results via SNMP or should the check plugin ran locally on the host which should be checked?

Currently your configuration intends the second approach.

Ensure that the check plugin is installed on the host that is set in command_endpoint. Also check the permissions on the host for the check plugin files.

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Hi Michael and thanks very much for your help.
You were right! I had to install the check plugin on the right command_endpoint. : )
since I have two endpoints in my environment, the one that was missing the check plugins was used and thats why i was getting the issue.
thanks again.
Issue is solved.
Thanks again.
Jaber : )

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