Strange behaviour with notifications

Hello there,
I have a very strange behaviour with our icinga2 notifications.

When looking at our director commands everything looks fine. For example something like this:

vars.Benachrichtigungen = [ "DBMG-Wartung", "TCM-Admin" ]

However, when I look at the host itself, it shows a completely different group:

Contact group: Test-Group

Then again, when looking at the Variables it shows correctly the 2 aforementioned groups.

When I try to change anything in the director the changes don’t carry over to the live host, but the director still shows these changes as active.

On some hosts, even though we have notications active and again the directors shows everything correctly, but the host doesn’t even show any notications - not group and no users.

We are stumped as this affects a vast amount of hosts and we are not even sure what caused this. It’s true that I created this group as a test, but I never rolled it out across… many different hosts, for several different customers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well, after opening this ticket I of course found the issue.

One Contact was associated with the wrong group. So instead of “DBMG-Wartung” we got the Test-Group everywhere.

Welp, easy fix after I found it.