Store Metrics in MariaDB

Hi guys,

we’ve set up a Icinga2 HA environment with a MariaDB Galera Cluster.
Is it possible to also store metrics in the MariaDB? Grafana supports displaying data from mysql sources.

If possible we would like to use this instead of InfluxDB because the cluster feature in InfluxDB is only available in their Enterprise version, and running Graphite(Carbon,Whisper,Web) plus Grafana seems a bit bloated.

Thanks in advance.

Thats not possible, because there is no writer for it.
But you really need a HA timeseries db?

The poor mens HA influxdb can be done with configuring 2 writers and never take them down at the same time :grinning:

Hi Carsten,

thanks for your fast answer!
Well, it would be great to have it in an HA setup as the rest of the Icinga2 setup.

My only issue would be to see “holes” in the graphs and metrics.
If i would run two influxdatabases with two writers, could I merge them together at some point to fill holes if they exist?

You can do backup restore from both influxdb’s into one influxdb :slight_smile:Or your company spends the 4,5k/year for the influx cluster if the performancedata is so important.

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storing metrics in a relational database is generally complicated with a huge amount of data sets. Your application would need to be able to do retention and aggregation for older data, like all time series databases provides capabilities. With partitioning and other methods, this may work, but you’ll need to implement this all by yourself.

Graphite/InfluxDB provide all these methods and capabilities already, so there is no need in re-inventing the wheel here, of course for the price of introducing a tool stack to maintain.


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Hi Michael,

thanks for clarifying.
I think we will go with InfluxDB then.

Does the InfluxDBwriter have some kind of caching implemented to prevent gaps in the graph, if the DB is offline for a short period of time?