Stop notif dependency to host and services

I playing with dependencies, but no luck to get it work.

I need to stop test host and services behind the router, when connection to this router is down.

I can’t figure it out how to set dependency of child services on parent host
Or what is the best practice for this. I thing sooner or later every admin trying to solve this.
I was trying to make it work from some examples, but there is no working example solving my needs.

My scenario:
I have several routers in star, behind them is hosts with services.
Need to disable notif of all host (services) behind the router in down state.
My hosts are checked with service sets assigned with rule based on host variable.

thank for inspiration

I’m not sure but services have the implicit dependency on the host the are defined on and maybe it’s enough to just set the router as host dependency for the server behind it?

Also dependencies have strange OR default at the moment if you configure more then one but this will change back to AND with the next release.