Stop all icinga2 notification regarding ongoing work on infrastructure

Hi experts,

I have few silly questions. So in few weeks from now we will go in some major infrastructure change and cause of that reason we will need turn off all our notifications. We have a lot notification rules even a few notification scripts written in python.

I am searching easiest solution how to disable with 1 click all of them. I think I have found it but not quite sure if this could take a place.

So over web gui/icingaweb2 have found

and under the “feature commands” we can see switch off button for notification.

  1. If I switch off this button this will silence all notifications, everything?
  2. If it is so, if I switch back to ON it will not overwrite “notification_enable” for some service or host objects where normally should be OFF?
  3. what about icinga2 feature disable notification? on GUI notification is still ON after “icinga2 feature disable notification” (ofc I did restart)

[root@monitorigmaster ~]# icinga2 feature disable notification
Disabling feature notification. Make sure to restart Icinga 2 for these changes to take effect.
[root@monitorigmaster ~]#


Didnt found much here Monitoring Basics - Icinga 2

Thx for help/advice.



The result is the same without showing it in the GUI. And you need root access to the server(s) where icinga runs.

Awesome and many thx.


Hi everyone.

Someon know where this «disable notification switch» are with the new webui interface ?

I use it time to time, it’s very convenient, but with the new interface I’m unable to find it.


Did you find solution for it? I would love to have this easy switch available as well.

you will find it at …/icingaweb2/icingadb/health

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