Static compilation of Icinga2 sources

I’m sorry if I missed this somewhere in the documentation, but I’m looking for instructions on how to compile Icinga2 as a static executable on the AMD64 architecture and Linux operating system.

We don’t have documentation for this case and I don’t think I have ran across someone building it that way. Icinga 2 uses CMake to build but I don’t know if adding -static to the linker flags will be enough or if you’ll run into problems.

The question that comes to mind is Why ?

You can get binary packages to most Linux distro’s with AMD64 compatibility.
are you running on a Distro that is so obscure that the packages do not comply with it’s listing ?

In any case , I believe the explanation you are looking for is here :


I’ve heard that question from an Icinga training, and currently this isn’t really possible - you’d need to statically link Boost and OpenSSL likely requiring changes to the CMake build system. In terms of security and update maintenance, i.e. when a critical OpenSSL update is needed, this creates more problems than it solves.

What’s your motivation behind this?