SSL Certificate check - need idea

Hey guys…

We are having a bunch of SSL to check, and I would like to know how are you doing it on your side…

Are you having a list? Are you having a “dumb” host ?

Need some idea :wink:


I am not sure what you exactly mean, but maybe this is what you are searching for:
See here



yeah it’s part of my question! I was curious to see how people are “checking” their SSL certificate using icinga2!


I’m using the idea of the link you post but having a little question…

Using something like
apply Service "Certificate " for (vhost in host.vars.vhosts_ssl) {

it will create a service called “Certificate andthevalue”

How can I name my service “Certicate [andthevalue]”


solution is
name = “SSL [” + vars.http_vhost + “]”
display_name = “SSL [” + vars.http_vhost + “]”