Sql migration to icinga director

Hi guys,
To this point i configured monitoring objects in Icinga manual configuration.
I am Now interested in configuring using icinga director.
The problem lays when i want to add a new service(via director) to an host which is already configured via manual configuration(to my knowledge it is not possible?!?).
I basically have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to add a service configured with director to an host which was configured manually?
  2. Is there a way to import hosts to director using sql import while manual configuration still exists(with my tries it shows error of duplicate objects)?

thanks in advance,

I don’t see any chance for your intended procedure, but the other way around works (even it’s neither recommend nor supported): Start with hosts in director and keep services in your conf files. However, this could be very tricky when you run in any issues.

The REST API is one way to automatically create director objects. Another way is to import objects from various sources.

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I strongly advise against mixing static configuration files with the Director. Pick one method, and enhance it to the best level. The Director provides a rich feature set already mentioned by @rsx and you should go this way.