SQL Import from Other Director Database

Hello to All,

i have a simple Question. Can I import Hosts from One Director Database to another Director Database with all Parameters over Icinga Director Import Data Sources. EQ: Services with all Parameters, Hostgroups, Service Groups, …

MySQL Dump is NO WAY!! On the other Host, there are Servers.

When I use MySQL > use director > DESCRIBE icinga_host; there only Fields Like object_name, address, check_command_id, enable_flapping (That are not All) but no Check Commands (Services).

I want to use Icinga Director Import Source:

Importsource: server1.test.de
Description: server1.test.de
Source Typ: SQL
Key Column Name: object_name
Resource Name: director_db_server1

SQL Query: select object_name,object_type,display_name,address,check_command_id an so on from icinga_host >>> But can I add here a SQL Query for Services (JOINs), … in the same Line ?

Have Someone an Example …

Thanks for Your Help