[SOLVED] Icinga2web - Role Filter monitoring/filter/objects wont apply

Hi community,

i’ll get to the point:
What am I trying to achieve?
I want to create a subset of icingaweb2 users, that can view certain hosts and services.

What have i done?
I have created a web user, a group the user belongs to as well as a role that is assigned to the group.

Every host that should be visible gets assigned to a hostgroup by a variable


Here is the attempt at setting a filter for the webuser to only see hosts that belong to the testkunde group.

Unfortunately the webinterface is blank and only shows that there are no dashlets available.
I verified that the role is actually used, by activating full administrative access for the role, which then shows every single host without exception, but that’s not really what im looking for.

Can anyone help?

Icingaweb2 2.12.1

doc 2.12.1
icingadb 1.1.1

Browsers used:
Chrome / Firefox

icinga2: r2.14.1-1, php 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.14
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

you are doing that in the wrong section.

You are using icingadb so you need to search for restrictions for the icingadb module, in your case between docs and migrate.
If you use Ido/monitoring you can use the restrictions of the monitoring module

Well now that DOES make a lot of sense acutally!
Thanks! Solved :smiley: