[Solved] Director's Kickstart Wizard doesn't recognize API credentials

Hi everybody,

after installing the director on a few different setups I am running into issues now when trying to run the Kickstart wizard in my current environment.

I enter a configured database and correct API credentials, but the Kickstart wizard fails, pointing at incorrect credentials. In Icinga2’s logs I get the following:

[2021-06-14 08:25:15 -0400] information/HttpServerConnection: Request: GET /v1/objects/zones (from []:57282), user: <unauthenticated>, agent: , status: Unauthorized).
[2021-06-14 08:25:15 -0400] information/HttpServerConnection: HTTP client disconnected (from []:57282)

The credentials don’t even seem to reach the master (even though Icingaweb2 and Icinga2 are hosted on the same machine, I declared the master address as ‘localhost’)

Any tips?

Best regards

Edit: The problem occured due to our network infrastructure rather than the Icinga2 director, sorry.