SNMP OID ,SNMP NET , SNMP AGENt, trap director

I have configured trap director , edit the trap handler along with cisco interface MIBS but not able to receive any trap
I am newbie and while configuring I might be missing some step while configuration
it would be grateful if some one respond on urgent basis.


  • Is the director installed correctly ? It should show a single green status bar reading “All tests OK : DB, IdoDB, API, snmptrapd”.

  • Is the service “snmptrapd” running ? You can check with “systemctl status snmptrapd.service” and “ps -f -C snmptrapd”

  • Is your device actually sending traps ? You can check with a MIB Browser

More information on your setup would be helpful. :wave:

Looks like your service is not running or got stopped. What does the trap director configuration say ? You can find it under Configuration → Modules → Trapdirector → Configuration

Edit: Did you remove the path pointing at the location of the ? There should be one after your start options.

You could try adding the -n option to the start options and any other option the configuration interface asks for. Consider censoring your IP Address also ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually , I want to add HOST that should be on snmp and send traps in trapdirector, All configuration is done but still facing issues in snmptrapd has no -n option.
I attached Screen shots and I did not understand what is exact problem.
If any body can share step by step manual it would be really nice.

Did you also reload the service with the new config file ? You can do so with:

systemctl disable snmptrapd
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable snmptrapd
systemctl restart snmptrapd

Every thing is working fine, but still trap are not receiving.I attached Screen shots and I did not understand what is exact problem.
If any body can share step by step manual it would be really nice.


the trap director now shows the “all good” single green status bar under configuration ?

I am new to icinga and I reconfigured icinga but still I am unable to receive traps , all services are running and configured. I attached snapshots if you could help me. It would be great.

You need to make sure that you exactly follow the installation guide

To verify a proper installation you need to check your trap director module configuration page, any errors or misconfiguration will be displayed there.
You can find it under: Configuration → Modules → Trapdirector → Configuration

We are looking for this exact status bar


Actually I configured icinga on centos 7 and centos 8. Both machines are showing exact status bar as above (i attached screen shot too ) Now Problem is On centos8 I received local host traps but when I on board a router I find no traps is receiving. On the other hand, on centos7 I did not found even local host traps.

I have no experience with either centos version, so I cant help you with that. My random guess would be a firewall issue, maybe.