SNMP Monitoring

Hello everyone,

Im setting up Icinga from scratch and we used to have SNMP monitoring for things like IfUsage, location, load, config status etc etc for all our network equipment on our old Icinga instance.

I cannot figure out what the previous guy did (no documentation), to make snmp work. I was thinking to use trapdirector but it seems like it has been discontinued.

What is the current way of handling SNMP traps and monitoring the network equipment?

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SNMP and SNMP traps are totally different things. The first is used to gather information from a device e.g. ifUsage, load etc. This could be done with snmp or snmpv3. With check_nwc_health this would be even more comfortable and more detailed.

For SNMP traps you need a service that is listening and most promising was trapdirector but has no commits since 4 years.

I delegate all things SNMP to LibreNMS.
I configured the LibreNMS DB as Icinga2 Director import source and use librenms-alerts & librenms-health but it requires you to jump to LibreNMS and for that I added a shared navigation to as host- and service-action.

For some special things I use snmp.