SNMP Checks for Netapp

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I would like to include a Netapp in our monitoring. Unfortunately, I can only find API checks. Does anyone have an SNMP check for me or can anyone recommend an API or SNMP check?

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for checking NetApp we use the checks from GitHub - aleex42/netapp-cdot-nagios: Nagios-Checks for monitoring NetApp cDOT-Systems via NetApp Perl API. You need to get the netapp-manageability-sdk from NetApp. You should get it from your customer login.

If you want to use snmp. You use check_snmp. But you have to know/find out which are the correct OIDs to check

thank you. did you happen to find the documentation on how to do the queries, whether i need an api key and so on?

whick check?
i think both are good documented what you need and how to configure :wink:
as far as I remeber you need username / password

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where can I create access or can I use the access data for the web interface? I am currently working with the netapp for the first time

You have to create a check command with the arguments the check expect. So you can put the the access data to the check command. Or put them to the service defintion and pass them with the macros to the check command. At the end it’s like every other definition for checkcommands and service checks :wink: