Simulate down from host

I am configuring “Business Process”

I would like to simulate a host in a node.

How could I simulate down from Icinga Director instead from “Business Process” ?
Because if I simulate from “Business Process” I have to know where is the node that contains the host.

Thanks a lot

maybe simply configure temporary an unreachable IP for this host?

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Great idea!!!
Thanks thanks a lot !!!
It works!

You could trigger a passive check result from Icingaweb as well:

I don’t understand from where trigger a passive check?

Select the host in Icingaweb2 and under “Check Execution”, next to Command, select “Process Check Result” – the same can be done for services. The screenshot above has it highlighted.

Edit: I have a field highlighted for a toggle switch to turn on “Passive Checks”; this just ensures that a host/service will be allowed to accept passive checks.