Simple way to add 500 hosts into my Icinga setup

Hi all,

latest version of all Icinga2 main packages, including director.

I would like to add 500 new hosts into Icinga from, for example, a text file, csv, with eg. “Hostname, IP, Hostgroup” in it, so 3 fields.

Is there a quick and easy way to do this with the base config? I saw mention of a module called Fileshipper, is that what people would use to do this? I could install that if it’s going to make this easier.

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We use file shipper often (AccessPoint imports from a CSV file generated via API calls). Other things we use are sql queries from a db that has all of our network devices in there.

Whatever logic you use to create the csv file (API, db call, etc…) you want to make sure the CSV file isn’t recreated until there’s a non-empty response or errors will likely wipe your imports out until it’s recovered.

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Thanks Ben, will investigate!