Show based on filter select box instead of input box?


I want to adjust an existing host template. So I added a new field to the template but I’m not able to set the ‘show based on filter’ to the needed value. I can only select existing fields but I can not enter anything or use ‘host.vars’ or something else because it is an select box instead of an input box. I’m using Director version 1.8.

If I create a new (fresh) host template, I’m able to enter anything into the ‘show based on filter’. At this stage, it is an input field instead of a select box.

Do you have a hint for me? Thank you.

@christianschroeder Is this question still a thing? Because if I’m not missunderstood, the “host.vars” field is exactly what is displayed in the “show based on” filter. You can use the variable like that. Correct me if I’m wrong, see the attached screenshots:

My used host.vars variables:

My created fields: