Setting up a HA environment

I have an Icinga environment, which I now want to convert into an HA cluster. I currently have two VMs. On one VM the Icinga master works and on the other only the database. How would you best build the cluster? Would you do a HA Sych for Icinga and a Mysql Sych?

Hello ShowMeYourSkil,
I would get a third server and setup Icinga2 on this server for your HA cluster. Keep the Icinga2 database on it own server database server.

Icinga2 node 1 (your current node) and node 2 (new node) will both connect to the database server. If one of the nodes goes offline the other node will take over the workload of the offline node. When both node are online the monitoring checks and notifications are load balanced between the two nodes.

Please review the Icinga2 HA online docs here.

Good luck with you setup.