Service check without status

We have a couple checks (memory, load, swap) where we do not care about alerts or status (Warning/Critical/Unknown). We only want the checks to run to generate perf data for Graphite.

I already have them set to not alert but is there a way to have it run a check, but it will always be OK?

It depends on the plugin if you need to define thresholds at all or if you can set unreachable thresholds, not sure for those mentioned.

Another option would be to use a wrapper script which executes the plugin, but the returns always Ok. An already existing one would be negate which is part of the monitoring and nagios plugins and has a definition in the ITL.

That was something I thought of, but quite a few of our servers run at 98-99.x% memory used. The memory check seems to only accept whole number percentage.

We’re replacing Sensu/Grafana/InfluxDB, where we could have metric only checks that push perf data into InfluxDB. I was hoping I could do something similar here by having the check, push data to Graphite, but have the check show OK no matter what.