Service check vs check period vs pending state


would like some detail to understand something…

Am I correct to say that, the check_period will affect the service check, and then, will put the status in pending state if outside the check_period ?

If that’s the case, and the goal is only to disable notification outside the check_period, maybe we are not dealing with check_period correctly…



Yes. Consider Notification#period.


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thanks @Al2Klimov

So just to make sure, it’s best to use check_period = 24/7 and then just use notification period to stop notification outside the period ?

You can also use a custom check_period if nobody cares for state changes out of its range.

when playing with notification period, is there something somewhere in the icingaweb2 to see the changes ?

To be sure your changes were applied?

yeah! I can’t find an easy way to double check if it’s working…

icinga2 object list?