Service apply rules with additional attributes e.g. thresholds

Is there a way to use attributes in service apply rules, e.g. for thresholds?
In my example I want do do a apache-status check with two apache webservers on one host. I can define a service apply rule which generates two services to check the status of the webservers. Now I also should define different thresholds for warning and critical.

I have not looked into the latest master yet, but Director got support for dictionaries and this should allow this. Also overrides should allow this but are bugged (or at least missing the feature) for apply for. So with the last release no, with the latest code maybe.

Thank you. Is there already a date for the next director release?

It would be possible to solve the ‘problem’ with a kind of combined arguments and a wrapper around the check skript to pass the parameters out of the argument values but I think this is not the way, we should go.

No, planned release date yet as far as I know.