Separator Logic for Check Commands


Can somebody advise what is the logic of CheckCommand merging file path on Windows and Linux with separators per OS?

I have the following CheckCommand definition:

object CheckCommand "check_http_windows-TEST" {
        import "plugin-check-command"
        command = [  MyCompanyPluginDir, "..\\python3\\python.exe" ]

On Windows Asset service that using this check command is generated as per below:

 * command = [ "c:\mycompany\monitoring", "..\python3\python.exe" ]

However, when looking at my debug log and Web2 interface output I’m getting my command like that:

Command c:\mycompany\monitoring ..\python3\python.exe c:\mycompany\monitoring\ failed to execute: 5, "Access is denied."

As you can see the problem is SPACE between MyCompanyPluginDir (that is set to C:\mycompany\monitoring on Windows). Can somebody tell me where th is space coming from?

Are logic of CheckCommand when specified as list [ ] would not be to use something like python os.sep (so / vs \ for Linux/Windows) to generate command string?

Hope my problem is clear - looking where my space coming from.

Icinga version 2.13.2
Master: Centos 7
Agent: Windows Server 2k19


Please note issue has been fixed by using + instead of, (comma) in merging arguments for my CheckCommand

Can somebody however advise is there is a way to do OS Separator correctly ? So I can use same check commands on windows/linux - are + gonna solve this problem if I do ex:

        command = [  MyCompanyPluginDir + "python3" + "python.exe"" ]

And this will generate correct path for both Windows/Linux?