Sending SMS through GSM device

I have many resources that explain how to send SMS through a web service etc but I cannot find a resource that allows to send through a GSM device plugged in the back of the monitoring server. Does anyone have any experience with this and any guidelines on how to implement it?

Any help will be much appreciated.


It has been a while since i used a GSM device to send notification alerts, most places now use external services for that and that is why you are hard pressed to do that.

That being said, when I did manage my own GSM device we connected to it via Kannel .
I can not help you in the implementation as it has been more then 10 years since i last did that, but you should be able get guides that details how it used to work with the N monitoring tool, and adapt that for your current use.*



there’s various devices which can be used here. In the past, there was Multitech iSMS where one could use these scripts. AFAIK this has been replaced/integrated into Braintowers new product line with the Gateways series. Other hardware vendors include SMSEagle for instance.

For native GSM modems, there’s SMS Tools 3 which can be run on your monitoring instance with adjusted notification commands. Here’s an old example.


Do yourself a favor and invest into a braintower gateway, if you can.
We also had a GSM Device in the past, which broke very often. We switched to braintower and migrated it into our icinga cluster. Works like a charm