Sending custom notifications without too much info in the email

Hi all,

latest version of everything, pretty much. Using Icinga2, Icingaweb2+Director

What I would like to do is to create a new Icinga setup which has a few secure zones but the notifications would send an email without much info in them other than ‘there is a problem with zone x’ or ‘zone y’

Is this something that would be possible or is the host name always going to appear in a notification email?

You use director so check the notification command templates “Notification command”
look it up under commands and check what is actually executed under “Command”

You can edit the content of this script and change the content of the mail to whatever you want.

But would recommend to create a second notification command and point to your edited script, so you wont mess up the other notifications

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You can use a filter to not apply the normal notifications to the secure zones and a use a secure notifier there.

With Icinga2 you can do what ever you want as you control via notifiers and notification commands the environment, parameters and the called script.

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