Sending alerts from Icinga to third party services through webhook

Is it possible to integrate icinga2 to a third part service/tool via webhook.
I am looking for a way to get notified for alerts generated from icinga2 to my tool instead of mail/text.
Alerts generated in Icinga2 → icinga2 sends notification/event to my tool

One way which I have seen in some other tools is they allow webhook integration i.e. you generate your webhook, provide that to the tool and then tool stars sending you alerts/events to your tool. But I couldnt find any such option in Icinga portal. Since I am new to Icinga2, thought of reaching out to the community for help.

I am not aware of any existing notification script, but you can for sure create your own to do this.

If the tool allows a bi-directional communication, I recommend adding an acknowledgement containing a link, ticket number or similar after the notification so you also have the state in Icinga.

I have edited my initial query, I am actually looking out for events from Icinga to the third party service/tool

If you can write a script to do what you want, Icinga can be setup to call it with arguments you configure.

Edit: There are several repos on NETWAYS’ github with notification examples. The telegram seems the most thoroughly documented if you’re looking for an example: