Send OK/Recovery notification outside of a time period


  • Version used (r2.14.0-1)
  • Operating system and version - RHEL7.9
  • Enabled functions (api checker elasticsearch ido-mysql influxdb mainlog notification)
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (2.11.4)
  • Config validation (ok)

I have the problem or need to send a recovery notification (state=ok) for services and hosts that are currently out of a time period.

For example

Time period:
24/7 - prod server
7to17 - non-prod server

All is well if a server is critical and returns to state ok within the time period. The critical state notification is sent to the contact. The OK notification is also sent to the contact.

But if a service for a non-prod host goes down perhaps at 16:55, the notification is sent as expected.
If the service goes back to Ok after 17:00, no Ok notification is sent because the host is outside the time period.

I tested it with a second notification apply rule that have 24/7 for the Ok state, but it does not work:
1st rule - 7 to 17 - only for critical state.
2nd rule - 24/7 - only for ok status.

Does anyone know how I can send ok status for services that are restored outside the configured time period when the critical notifications have already been sent?

Thank you very much

Time Periods define time ranges in Icinga where event actions are triggered, for example whether a service check is executed or not within the check_period attribut

So there is no way icinga will trigger the check by itself and for icinga the service will not restore outside your check period.

you could manually let someone click on the “check now” button, or use icingaweb2 api or icinga2 api to trigger a check outside these intervals.